Brian's Story

He'll worm your way into your heart

Brian Worms His Way Into Your Heart

Monday, June 6, 2016 | NHS Staff

Hi, I’m Brian! I came into the Nebraska Humane Society feeling a bit sick. I just didn’t have my normal energy… but I still licked hands and rubbed up on people. A blood test confirmed that I had been infected with heart worm. Without treatment, the parasites would grow, invading my heart, and I would weaken. Eventually the disease would kill me.

Luckily the Nebraska Humane Society wasn’t going to let that happen. Not on their watch. No sirree…even though heart worm treatment isn’t cheap and it can be hard on dogs, especially those in the stress of a shelter.  The medical staff shaved my back for the deep muscle injections, provided the medicine, and offered me a quiet kennel where I could recover in comfort. I had to be on complete exercise restriction which was so hard, especially when I started feeling better!

But the people here understand dogs. They prescribed daily TLC. So I got visits from staff and volunteers who brushed me, petted me or simply cuddled me in my kennel. They offered me company and comfort. They healed me.

Now I am almost fully recovered. I am happy, well adjusted, and healthy.  I look forward to spending the rest of my life getting belly rubs and giving love.  

The Nebraska Humane Society …where help becomes hope.

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