Owl Rescued From Fence

A Great Horned Owl recently found itself trapped on a barbed wire fence.

Officer rescues Great Horned Owl

Thursday, August 18, 2016 | Animal Control

Shout out to Animal Control Officer Stary for rescuing this Great Horned Owl yesterday after it managed to get itself caught on a barbed wire fence. The owl was taken to Fontenelle Forest's Raptor Recovery where it was discoverd he amazingly avoided a severe wing injury. He'll only need a few stitches and a short stay with the Recovery Center. After he's recovered he will be released back into the wild!

If you come across an injured owl, hawk or another bird of prey, do your best to keep an eye on it, but try not to stress it by chasing after it, touching it, etc. If the bird must be captured for its own safety, place it in a box and store it in a quiet warm place. Keep children and pets at a safe distance. It's not necessary to offer food or water during the brief time you may find yourself housing the animal. Call NHS immediately so we can respond to assess the situation.

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