Diamond Dog Adoption Event

Join us as we feature and adopt out some of our most special dogs!

Saturday, November 17, 2018 - Saturday, November 17, 2018 | 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. | Nebraska Humane Society: 90th & Fort, Omaha, NE
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Mark your calendars for our 2018 Diamond Dog Adoption Event!
It’s your chance to meet some of the dogs we’ve been “polishing up” to help them find their forever homes.

The Diamond Dog Adoption Event will showcase these extra special dogs! Our Diamond Dog Staff and Volunteers will be on hand to introduce you to the dog you’re interested in!

Are you asking yourself, "What The Heck Is A Diamond Dog!?"

Not all dogs do well in the shelter environment – it’s stressful being away from home and in a strange place, with a lot of other dogs and no one around that you know!
And some dogs just need a very special person that will help them shine in their new home.  NHS has a special program that offers these dogs more support,
both at the shelter and during the adoption process.

Want to make a huge difference in a dog’s life? Read on!

What is the Molly Project?

The Molly Project is a behavior modification program for dogs that may be shy, fearful, unruly, or have other behavioral concerns that need special attention.
Staff and volunteers provide specialized training and support behind the scenes to help these dogs overcome their behavioral challenges and find a home in which they can flourish.

What is a Diamond Dog?
The majority of the Molly Dogs become Diamond Dogs, which is a special adoption program for dogs that need extra care to find the perfect home for them. These dogs are not in our general adoption kennels because that’s too much stimulation.
Instead you make an appointment and meet with our Behavior specialists one-on-one, to see if it’s a good match.

Is a Diamond Dog right for you?

  • Diamond Dogs need patient, committed owners dedicated to helping their new dog become his or her best self.
  • Shy and fearful dogs do best in a quiet home with owners who help them feel safe and secure, without rushing them to do things beyond their level of comfort.
  • Unruly dogs do best with active, experienced owners who will guide them to make good choices through the use of reward-based training.
  • Due to their fearful or rambunctious nature, most Diamond Dogs will need homes without children or homes in which children do not visit often.

Applications in advance are great, just e-mail diamonddogs@nehumanesociety.org with the dog’s name in the subject and they’ll send you an application.
HOWEVER, if you forget to turn in an application in advance, NO BIGGIE! Come on down and we will help you fill it out.

Adoption coordinators that specialize in diamond dogs will be available and will try to keep the line as short as possible! Applications in advance will help make the process go faster.