Capital Renovation Project

We're renovating to reduce animal stress and enhance the adoption experience

Capital Renovation Project

The $14,000,000 capital project honoring retired CEO, Judy Varner, will break ground in November 2018. Advancements in animal sheltering, plight of homeless animals and generosity of donors has inspired the effort.

The project, named the Judy Varner Adoption and Education Center, will renovate over 37,000 square feet of existing space.  This will bring to life innovative designs to reduce stress and the length of stay for animals, some of whom face a prolonged shelter stay.     

According to CEO, Nancy Hintz, “the new design will benefit both animals and humans alike with state-of-the-art sheltering practices, enhanced public services, humane education opportunities and interactive adoption spaces.”

The shelter was last renovated 20 years ago.

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Every dollar helps NHS create this updated, beautiful space.  Naming opportunities are available at the $5,000.00 level and above.  For more information on naming opportunities, please contact Nancy Hintz, CEO.

Renovation Core Goals:

1.     Enhance the human-animal interaction experience

-        group housing for cats (3 large rooms can hold up to 10 cats; allow for vertical movement & interaction with people)

-        cage-site public access and adoption ability for cats, dogs and critters

-        popular destination for people


2.     Educate the Community  

 -      electronic technology (stations)

 -     digital messaging to promote responsible pet ownership & provide animal care and

       training tips


3.    Enhance services for the public

  -      improve public flow (separate check in/check out)

 -      private counseling area for owner surrenders/distressed owners (by customer service area)                  

 -      more efficient adoption process (use of wait time apps)    


4.       Relieve animal stress

-        state-of-the-art housing (dog kennels will be wider & in smaller groupings)      

-        sound reduction strategies (lower ceilings, sound absorption products) 

-        larger housing for cats (individual spaces double in current size)   

-        critters housed away from predators


5.         Shorten animal stay

-      public access to Molly Project dogs

-      animals less stressed and present better to be adopted

6.        Increase adoptions

-     all of the above will accomplish this



1.     What is our current animal length of stay (includes stray hold and surgery time)?

               Dogs = 10 days              Cats = 14 days          Molly Dogs = 22 days


2.     What is being renovated?  Total 37,000 sq. ft (adoption area (45% of main shelter) and space on second floor and in west building).    


3.     Will we be increasing # of kennels?  No, the space only allows for the same #.  


4.     When will construction begin? In Nov. 2018 with completion date in March 2020.


5.     Will the shelter stay open during construction?  Yes.  We will be temporarily using other buildings on our campus to continue operations during construction.

More information on how to navigate our campus during the renovations to come- stay tuned!

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