Elvis' Story

All shook up but still a trooper

From tangled mess to happy pup

Monday, September 26, 2016 | NHS Staff

Your help becomes hope for animals like Elvis »

It was the worst case of matting our staff had ever seen ...

A little dog so encased in filthy hair that the outer layer was a hard crusted shell. The tangled fur underneath hobbled his back legs, restricting his movement. His front left foot had died, and hung, useless, by the very hair that had strangled it.

NHS veterinarians had hard questions: Would the front leg need to come off? And if so, would his atrophied back leg muscles be able to support him? Finally, could we give him a good quality of life after surgery? They were determined to try.

The wee dog was dubbed Elvis because he was all shook up but still a trooper. A dramatic grooming freed four pounds of itchy, filthy, hair from his tiny, eight pound body. Then came surgery to remove his front foot. Dr. Elizabeth Farrington was able to build a "peg leg," and while she waited for it to heal, researched a special brace to stabilize Elvis’s weakest back leg.

After months of loving foster care, combined with donated water therapy by Dr. Beck at Backlund Animal Clinic, Elvis’s rehab was complete. His attitude from the beginning was upbeat ... maybe realizing that the years of neglect were over, and better times would come.

Watch Elvis' journey through the shelter:

Elvis is now in his permanent home. He has a Yorkie brother and two humans who dote on him. And when they go places, Elvis rides in a dog stroller so that he doesn’t miss a minute of his new life.

There are many more animals like Elvis—30,000 dogs, cats, horses and more who find their way to our shelter every year. They have nowhere else to go; no one else to speak for them. Your help gives them a voice; gives them a second chance.

Your help becomes hope for animals like Elvis »

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