Animal Medical & Foster Care Internship

We are seeking motivated and compassionate people with a passion for animal welfare.

Animal Medical & Foster Care Internship

This opportunity will expose participants to the medical processes of shelter operations. Participation in this program will allow students to develop transferable, real-world skills in the areas of animal health, surgery, animal handling, animal behavior and team work.

Job Duties

Interns attend an orientation to the Animal Medical Department, including animal handling and departmental safety concerns. Interns are expected to work a regularly scheduled shift that includes, but is not limited to:
• Surgical prep
• Preparing animals for adoption including micro-chipping, vaccinating, drawing blood, nail trims, and ear cleaning
• Assisting with medical rounds
• Assist with running various tests in a laboratory setting
• Animal care including cage cleaning and disinfecting
• Animal transport
• Observing surgery
• Assist Foster Care Department as needed Abilities and


• At least 19 years of age
• Basic animal handling skills
• Ability to follow written and verbal instructions
• Ability to work effectively and independently without supervision as well as working well with others
• Ability to be comfortable around unpleasant situations that can include dealing with blood and animal waste
• Ability to speak, read and write the English language fluently.
• Understanding of customer service skills
• Flexibility and willingness to learn and to try new things
• Interns will be exposed to situations that can be emotionally and physically demanding

Length of Internship

This internship is an unpaid position, minimum of 15 hours per week, to be scheduled during normal working hours, for 3 months. The exact schedule can be determined between the intern and the Program Coordinator.

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