Cat Seeks Unique Home

Mittens the 4-year-old cat is looking for a special home.

Are You the Purrrfect Home For Mittens?

Thursday, September 22, 2016 | NHS Adoption Department

Mittens is a 4 year old gorgeous guy. His striking looks make us think he is a Birman mix. This boy is independent and curious and will be near the action whether you’re folding laundry or cooking dinner. But he also likes to make up his own mind…so handling or cuddling him when he’s in the mood to investigate can result in grumpy cat, which can turn into snarky cat. (Hey we all have our limits).

Type of Home Mittens is Looking For

Mittens would love an owner who understands that he needs to initiate activities, or at least an owner who lets him think it’s his idea. (You know—like working with a teenager!)

How to adopt Mittens

Mitten is not available in our general adoption kennels where people have a tendency to be very “hands on.”  Instead he’s behind the scenes in his own pad.  Ask an adoption counselor to see him if you are interested in this unique guy.

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