Dryer Drive

One of our industrial dryers has broken & the laundry is piling up!

NHS Dryer Drive

Tuesday, August 15, 2017 | NHS Staff

Everyday each kennel at the Nebraska Humane Society is cleaned by our staff, to ensure every animal has a fresh space and blankets to snuggle with while they wait for a home. When the kennels are cleaned dirty blankets are replaced, leaving our staff and volunteers with a lot of laundry for our 400+ residents. Recently, one of our industrial size dryers broke, which means it’s now taking twice as long to do the laundry, and some animals don't have blankets to burrow in.

To help us get back up and running, we’re kicking off a Dryer Drive to repair the broken dryer. However, if we exceed our first goal and raise $13,500 then we would be able to purchase a brand new dryer. We know that routine costs can seem a bit boring, but you would be helping to create comfort for animals at NHS while they wait for a home.

Dryer Drive Goals:

  • Goal #1: $8,500 to repair the broken dryer
  • Goal #2: $10,242 to forgo repairs and replace the dryer with a new one.


WOW!! Thank you so much to everyone for your generosity to help us exceed our goal! If you would still like to lend a helping paw, anything over our goal will go towards providing comfort care to the animals here at NHS!

Our Progress

Progress: 123%
Progress: 123%
Raised: $ 12645     Goal: $ 10242

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