Nothing stops Piper

This unique cat thrives despite the limited use of her back legs.

Say hello to Piper!

Friday, January 20, 2017 | NHS Staff

Hello there, my name is Piper! I came to the Nebraska Humane Society with a condition I’ve had ever since I was little – I don’t use my back legs very well.

But this doesn’t slow me down! I scoot around just fine and can climb onto lower furniture. Though I will admit, I may benefit from a set of stairs with traction to help me get from place to place. And because I know you’re wondering, I use my litter box just fine (an open box with low sides is best!).

The NHS vets took x-rays of my back and pelvis and say there isn’t anything that needs to be corrected. I am just unique! They are giving me pain meds just in case I have any mild aches here and there. The vets also say your personal vet may want to check on me every now and then to make sure everything is A-OK. Who knows – maybe your vet would think I might benefit from a wheelchair or physical therapy.

As for me, I’m just ready to snuggle into my forever home. I love attention and I can’t wait for yours!

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