Dangerous raccoon traps could cause injury

Animal Control Officers rescue raccoons and remove traps from Omaha park.

Dangerous raccoon traps could cause injury

Friday, December 30, 2016 | NHS Staff

On Thursday afternoon, Nebraska Humane Society Animal Control Officers located a potentially dangerous situation for both animals and children.

An officer was sent to a park near 162nd and California streets in the Barrington Park neighborhood regarding a raccoon caught in a trap. A group of kids, ages 12 to 15, were playing in the park when they came across the raccoon. The ACO arrived and was able to free the raccoon from the trap. However, the raccoon ran off before he could capture it to check for injuries. The officer also located a second trap that was set, but empty, on the same trip to the park.

On another visit to the area Friday morning, officers found another trap – this one with a raccoon trapped. The ACO was able to release it and is now providing immediate care for the raccoon for an injured foot.

Raccoon traps have with powerful coils and a sensitive trigger system. They were staked to the ground with a thick chain.

These traps were within twenty yards of where the kids were playing. Both traps pose severe injury to inquisitive kids who reach their fingers into the trap, causing it to snap. These traps are also dangerous to small dogs and cats.

Omaha city ordinance prohibits traps like these being set in the City of Omaha. The ordinance is there for a reason.these traps can cause serious injury to kids. The situation is magnified with the traps being set in a park, where kids play.

At this time, it is unknown what prompted the person to set these traps at this public location.

NHS would like to locate the individual that set these traps. Residents can call 402-444-7800, ext. 1 with information if they saw anything suspicious.

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