Shelter Statistics

NHS tracks the status of every pet using a nationally recognized standard. The data provides a breakdown of the health & adoption status of animals in our care.

Shelter Statistics

The Nebraska Humane Society is unique among animal shelters. In addition to taking animals whose owners can no longer care for them, we provide animal control services for the Omaha metro area. We are the facility that houses all animals with nowhere else to go. We don’t pick and choose who enters. Instead, we offer clean kennels, warm beds, loving hearts and kind hands to every abandoned, stray and lost animal who arrives at our door. We also quarantine animals who are aggressive or who have bitten, provide a safe place for victims of cruelty and neglect, and offer temporary sanctuary for animals who have been given up by their owners. But not all of these animals can be safely placed back into the community. We fix those who we can and euthanize those beyond our repair.

We are proud to say that we have not had to euthanize a healthy, adoptable dog or cat, for lack of space, in many years. We have, in fact, continued to push to rehabilitate and adopt out more animals with mild to complex and expensive medical conditions, as well as dogs with minor behavior challenges. With help from a “special needs fund” we continue to fix even more medically challenged dogs and adopt more with chronic medical issues.

We are also adopting out more cats every year. However, cat overpopulation continues to be a challenge for every shelter in the country, due to their overwhelming ability to procreate and the propensity of many owners to let them free roam. To combat the feline population issue we have worked with the community on a limited trap/neuter/release program, fostered thousands of kittens in private homes, worked to create a kitten nursery at NHS where fragile youngsters can get vital nutrition until they reach foster care, utilized PetSmarts and veterinary offices to house and adopt cats, and we have expanded our cat kenneling area. Still, at times, we fill up our cat areas. When we are pushing cats into our overflow rooms, we ask our community to help--waiving adoption fees for cats and offering reduced adoption fees for kittens. We began this practice in late 2010 when space got perilously tight. You, our community, responded, paving the way for us to continue this life saving marketing!

Below you will find our animal statistics report according to the Asilomar Accords method of tabulation.

We are proud of what we have accomplished together. Because of you, we save many more lives than the national average for animal control facilities. From the animals whose lives you helped save, thank you! It takes a community to save every life possible. 

National Kennel Statistics

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