Best Friends Forever

Girl and dog grow up together.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020 | NHS staff

The Schreck family adopted Puppup 18 years ago from NHS. She was 8 weeks old and so small that she could fit into her new mom's hand. She was quiet and reserved, but she had a lot of love to give. Anna, who was one and a half at the time Puppup was adopted, had the dog by her side for her entire childhood. They were best friends.

Some of the dog's favorite things to do were “protect” the house by barking at anything that passed by outside, cuddle and snack on some treats.

Unfortunately, on February 29, the dog passed on. She was 18 years old and lived a full life of car rides, eating hamburgers and being loved, Anna wrote.

"Pup will be forever missed and a part of our hearts. Thank you NE Humane Society because without you guys 18 years ago, we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to love Pup for as long as we did."

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Here are more pictures of Puppup: