Every Dog Has Her Day

After months of waiting, Day found the perfect home

Wednesday, January 25, 2023 | NHS staff

Day came into NHS in March of 2022, and the happy girl quickly became a fan favorite around the building. We knew she had some hurdles to being adopted, but we didn't plan on her waiting as long as she did.

Here is what Heather, one of our Canine Companions, had to say about Day while the 7-year-old searched for a forever home.

* * *

From Heather: 

I have been working with Day since she first arrived at the shelter in March. This girl has stolen my heart. I LOVE HER! The only thing keeping her from coming home with me is my husband not wanting yet another dog I’ve fallen in love with at the shelter. 

Day is so smart! Her tail never stops wagging. Seriously, she’s always so happy! She wants to so desperately be in a cozy home and right next to her person! She keeps her kennel immaculately clean! She knows sit, we’re working on down. I’ve taught her to “stay” in past months. She loves carrying plush toys everywhere and loves to show everyone around the shelter. She loves going on walks. She is calm and melts in your lap and playful at appropriate times. 

I would love if she went to a home where she is the star of the show so that she may be spoiled all day every day. She deserves it! I hope she finds a home that reciprocates the unconditional love she provides. I want you to love her as much as I love her. While it hurts my heart to think about not seeing her anymore at the shelter, what a bittersweet and wonderful DAY it will be when she finally lands her forever home! I’ll probably cry, of course happy tears but will miss this dog dearly. 

* * *

For staff and volunteers, it can become disheartening to see such a great pet wait around for months. Day spent 299 of her namesake at the shelter, but nobody, including Heather, gave up on her.

Finally, in January, Day had her ... well, day, thanks to one of Heather's relatives. 

From the adopter:

Juniper (formerly Day) has to sleep under the blanket with whoever she chooses that night. She loves her toys. She is the happiest dog I have ever met and always has a literal smile on her face. If she doesn’t want to get up in the morning, she will roll over onto her back and pretend she didn’t hear you. She loves car rides. She goes with us everywhere unless we are going to work. 

Thank you to everyone who made finding Juniper's home possible. She may have had a longer stay than we wanted, but she found the perfect home and that makes every minute of that wait worth it.

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