Horse Rehabilitation

Star Equine Rehabilitation program rescues, rehabs and rehomes neglected horses

Star Equine Rehabilitation Program

The Star Equine Rehabilitation Program at the Nebraska Humane Society began in September of 2012, spurred on by a growing number of neglected horses coming through the agency’s gates. Generous donors and horse-lovers came together to form a more comprehensive program that includes housing the horses; providing proper nutrition, vet and farrier care; and then working with the horses on basic skills needed to ensure their adoptability.

The Star Equine Rehabilitation Program is named after a victim of severe neglect. The horse had been a good servant for many years, but was betrayed by her owner. This aged mare was blind in one eye and almost toothless when she was turned out with a large group of horses who had insufficient pasture—forcing her to fight for food. Tragically, she was so emaciated when rescued that she was beyond repair. Her legacy is the hope that all “Stars” will be rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed.

What we now have

A donor has provided appropriate land onto which we have erected several smaller group pens and shelters. This provides a central location for single or groups of horses to be offloaded, vaccinated and housed.

The adjacent land owner is a horse-lover who provides the muscle to help feed and care for the horses. This generous donor also provides arena space for winter training. 

Hand-selected volunteers work to socialize and, when ready, train the rescued horses. This is crucial. It can take months to get horses adopted once they are healthy. Many of these horses come in under-socialized, with little training. No one wants to adopt a horse that is unable to be approached or touched. Basic ground work is vital to give these horses a chance at adoption.

What we can use

Volunteers: Volunteers are needed to clean paddocks, and feed and water the horses. *At present we have all volunteer slots covered. However, our population and needs change all the time so we would be happy to put your name on a list for future help.

Foster Families: Our horse program is thankful for the people who have provided space to the horses available while they wait for new homes. Currently, all of our horses are placed in foster homes. Because we never know when a horse or horses in need will come to us, we would be more than happy to put you on our foster home waiting list for future needs. 

Donations: Our horses aren’t proud! If you have used grooming tools or halters, bridles, lead ropes, saddles, and other supplies that you are no longer using, we can gratefully utilize them in this program. Do you have extra feed or extra hay? You can drop supplies off at the Nebraska Humane Society at 8929 Fort Street or contact the program. 

Contact Information

If you’re interested in fostering, adopting or donating, please call 402-444-7800, ext. 2286, or send us an email

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