Longterm dogs at NHS

These dogs have been waiting for the perfect home.

Dogs at NHS longer than 30 days have an adoption fee of just $30. Often, dogs here for that long are needing a more specific home, such as without kids or with a fenced backyard. To make it easier to find out which dogs could fit your household, we put together a breakdown of the dogs who fit into this category and their requirements.


All of our adoption requirements have one thing in mind: setting the pet and adopter up for success. However, we do understand that those requirements could be frustrating or confusing for folks looking to adopt a dog. We want to be as transparent as possible, so here are the answers to questions we often hear. 

Why are there age restrictions for kids?

This is a two-way street. We are trying to protect the dogs and the kids. Some dogs can be jumpy, which can knock littles over and cause injuries. Other dogs can be possessive of both food and toys, which kids can often not recognize and reach for, putting both the child and dog in danger. Commotion and energy can cause dogs to become very anxious and lead to behavior we'd like to avoid. 

Why can't dogs be in an apartment?

Many dogs are reactive to other dogs, people or noises. Apartments are abundent in all three of those. Other dogs need lots of exercise, which requires a backyard for them to frolic. 

Why do I need a fence?

We love these dogs, but we never want to see them again. Many of these pooches are escape artists. We want it to be as difficult as possible for them to get lost and ultimately find their way back to the shelter. Some only require a four-foot fence, while some of the more athletic dogs need a 6-foot fence. 

How do you know if they can be around other dogs?

Some of these dogs come in with a history that makes it easy for us to determine whether or not they are suitable to live with other dogs. Otherwise, we have a team of behavior experts who run a series of tests to determine how dog reactive they may or may not be. Again, this comes back to setting the dogs and adopters up for success. 

How do you know if they are OK with cats?

This one can be a little tricky! If the dog comes in with a history (positive or negative), it makes our determinations pretty easy. Unfortunately, many dogs come in without any history or have never lived with cats, and there is not a great way to test that relationship without putting both animals in a precarious or stressful situation. We make our best decision based on the aforementioned tests, but sometimes we can't be as sure as we'd like. 

How much does it cost to take care of these dogs?

Dogs average about $33 a day to care for per dog. We promise that we are not making these dogs more difficult to adopt intentionally, but we truly just want them to be in perfect, loving homes, and we will care for them until the day comes. If you can't adopt today but still but to help out, you can donate below to help with their care. 


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