Springfield ordinances

Number of Animals Allowed:

4 animals over the age of four months. Residents may have up to two dogs and two cats for a total of four animals. No more than two per species.

Animals Requiring Rabies Vaccinations:

Dogs and cats

Revaccination Period:

Every three years. The longest duration vaccination allowed in the city of Springfield is good for three years. However, animals must always be current. Therefore, if you opt for a shorter duration shot, you must update appropriately.

Time Period to Reclaim Stray Pets:

5 days

Time Period you must have a pet to be considered an owner:

10 days

Pooper Scooper Law?

Yes, by city ordinance you must clean up after your pet.

Leash Law?

Dogs and cats in the city of Springfield are required to be on leash or confined at all times.

Dog/Cock Fighting Law?

Yes, it is illegal to pit animals against each other in the city of Springfield. Additionally, it is a violation of state law and is punishable by fines and jail time.

Wolf Hybrids

In the Springfield municipality, it is illegal to house a wolf or wolf hybrid.