Reunited After 8 Years

Kitsune the Shiba Inu had been missing since May 16th, 2008

Dog Reunited With Family

Thursday, May 11, 2017 | NHS Staff

Kitsune the Shiba Inu had been missing since May 16th of 2008. On January 29, 2017 his owners got a call from NHS Animal Control Officer Misty Binau. Kitsune was at the shelter. 

His story is quite remarkable.

Two years earlier Officer Binau had noticed a shiba Inu in an uninhabited and industrial area of Omaha. After seeing him off and on several times as she drove the streets, she attempted to approach him. The dog was very skittish and wouldn’t come nearer than a city block. This dance went on for some time, but Officer Binau was determined.

After two years, she was finally able to lure the dog into a humane trap. Once at the shelter, to her surprise, she found the dog was microchipped and had been missing for more than 8 years! Kitsune had been on his own for so long he wouldn’t walk on leash and had to be carried in for his reunion.

After 4 months back at home, Kitsune has fit in completely and is loving “home life.”

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