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Community Cat Caretaker Resources

Are you a caretaker for community cats and are in need of support? Here are some resources available to you:

  1. Food Pantry for Those in Need: If you require assistance with providing food for the community cats you care for, our food pantry program can help. Contact us to inquire about access to free or low-cost cat food supplies.
  2. Supplies for Winter Community Cat Houses: Keeping community cats warm and safe during the winter months is essential. We offer supplies such as insulated coolers shelters, and straw to help you create comfortable shelters for outdoor cats in your area.
  3. Altering Community Cats: Spaying and neutering community cats is crucial for population control and their overall well-being. If you need assistance with altering community cats, please reach out to us at for information on our Community Cat Program and how we can help.

At the Nebraska Humane Society, we're dedicated to supporting caretakers like you who work tirelessly to care for community cats. Don't hesitate to contact us for assistance or more information on our resources and programs. Together, we can make a positive impact on the lives of community cats in our community.

Apply for a caretaker permit here.

Deterring Community Cats: Keeping Your Space Cat-Free

Community cats can sometimes cause disruptions in outdoor spaces, but there are humane and effective ways to deter them from unwanted areas. Here are some popular deterrents:

  1. Spray & Sprinkle Repellents: These products emit scents or tastes that cats find unpleasant, encouraging them to avoid treated areas. They are safe for both cats and the environment.
  2. Cat Scat Mats: These mats feature plastic spikes or textures that are uncomfortable for cats to walk on. Placing them in garden beds or other areas can discourage cats from loitering.
  3. Motion Detection Sprinklers: Equipped with motion sensors, these sprinklers activate when they detect movement, startling cats with a sudden burst of water. They're a great option for keeping cats out of gardens or off lawns.
  4. Solar Animal Repeller: These devices use ultrasonic sounds or flashing lights to deter cats and other animals from entering a designated area. They're solar-powered and easy to install, providing a low-maintenance solution.

By implementing these deterrents, you can create a cat-free zone while still respecting the well-being of community cats. Remember to always choose humane methods and avoid harm to both animals and the environment.

Volunteer with Our Community Cat Program

Are you passionate about helping community cats thrive in their outdoor environments? Join our team of dedicated volunteers and make a difference in the lives of cats in need!

What Our Volunteers Do:

  • Post Surgery Transporting: The cats need a night to recover after surgery before being returned to their homes. Volunteers will come in the evenings after surgery has been completed and transport the cats into the holding area to await return.
  • Assisting in Cat Returns: Volunteers play a vital role in the return of cats after they have been altered. They help transport cats back to their outdoor homes, ensuring a safe and smooth transition.
  • Distributing Door Hangers: Volunteers distribute door hangers with valuable information about community cats in the areas where cats are returned. These door hangers provide essential resources and contact information for community cat caretakers.
  • Supporting Community Cat Caretakers: Volunteers contact community cat caretakers in need of assistance. Whether it's providing food, supplies, or guidance, our volunteers are there to offer support and resources to caretakers in their communities.
  • Assisting in Trapping: Volunteers occasionally assist in the trapping of community cats for spaying and neutering. Their help is invaluable in ensuring that cats receive the necessary veterinary care to control their population and improve their quality of life.

Apply to be a volunteer here

Getting Involved:

If you're interested in supporting our Community Cat Program by volunteering or becoming a community cat caretaker, please reach out to us at for more information on how you can get involved.

Thank you for supporting our efforts to improve the lives of community cats in our area!

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