Feral Cats

Work to improve the lives of free roaming and feral cats in our community.

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Feral versus Free Roaming

What is the difference between a free-roaming cat and a feral cat? Free-roaming cats are generally friendly toward people and may have an owner, but are allowed to roam free, or were owned at some time in the past but have been abandoned. Feral cats are not socialized and do not make good pets as they are scared of people and can rarely be touched or domesticated. Whether a cat is feral or free-roaming, they both play a large role in the pet over-population problem, and should be altered to prevent further suffering.


If you are interested in trapping and spaying or neutering feral or free-roaming cats in your area, and live in the city of Omaha, please call 402-905-3490 to discuss your options as a feral cat colony caretaker. If you live outside of the Omaha city limits, please contact Feline Friendz at www.felinefriendz.org for more information.

Feral Cat Colony Caretaker Permit- Omaha and Bellevue

Please check out the infomation page for more details on beocming a Feral Cat Colony Caretaker Permit holder by clicking here. 

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