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Cities of Omaha, Bellevue, Village of Waterloo Pet Avocation Permit Information

The Pet Avocation permit was designed to allow those who are responsible pet owners in Omaha and Waterloo to have up to 5 dogs and up to 6 cats, but no more than eight pets total.

Bellevue residents may apply for a pet avocation permit which allows up to 5 dogs and up to 5 cats – but no more than 6 pets total - unless they have a kennel, pre-existing cattery permit or commercial cattery permit.

If you would like to apply for a Pet Avocation permit, you must:

1.  Pay a one time inspection fee of $100. *Please note this fee is non-refundable once the inspection has been completed.
*This can be done online through the link below, in-person at NHS or by mail delivered to 8929 Fort Street, Omaha, NE, 68134 (attn: Pet Avocation Permits)

2. Fill out an application. This needs to be done prior to the inspection.

3.  Schedule the inspection when contacted by the Animal Control Officer  This could take up to four weeks depending on demand. Because ACOs are responding to emergency calls, applicants must provide a four-hour window for inspections, which can be on any day excluding Sundays and holidays. 

4.  Meet the requirements of the inspection and comply with all city ordinances relating to the animals (see standards below)

5.  You contacted annually to renew your permit. It is your responsibility to pay the annual renewal fee of $50. Click here to renew. 

While you hold a Pet Avocation permit, should you be found guilty of any violation of Chapter 6, the permit will be revoked.  Avocational premises shall be maintained with clean and safe conditions at all times.  The Nebraska Humane Society has the right to inspect such premises and all the animals therein at reasonable hours to ascertain that the premises are kept in the aforementioned condition and meet prescribed standards. 

Standards for a Pet Avocation permit:

  • All animals owned, kept, possessed or harbored under a Pet Animal Avocation permit must be licensed as required by Chapter 6.  Proof of individual license on each animal must be provided at time of inspection. 
  • All animals owned, kept, possessed or harbored under a Pet Animal Avocation permit must be vaccinated against rabies.  Proof of individual rabies vaccinations on each pet must be provided at the time of inspection.
  • Each animal shall, at least every 24 hours, receive food suitable for the species, physical condition and safe - sufficient to maintain adequate level of nutrition. 
  • Must have clean, fresh, potable water available at all times.
  • Indoor housing shall provide adequate ventilation, lighting temperature control and construction so as to provide for the safety and comfort of the animals.
  • Each animal shall receive care and medical treatment for debilitating injuries, parasites, and disease sufficient to maintain the animal in good health and to minimize suffering. 
  • Animals shall be maintained predominantly indoors. 
  • Premises where an avocational permit include dogs shall provide a fenced enclosure sufficient to contain any dogs while outside. 
  • All areas of premises inspected for Pet Avocation permit shall be made open and available for inspection by the Nebraska Humane Society.

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Questions?  E-mail our helpful permit staff here, or call 402-444-7800 ext. 2213.  

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