Online Licensing Tips

Tips for making licensing your pet online as easy as possible.

Tips for Licensing Online

The easiest way to renew your pet licenses online is to use your account numbers listed on your license statement.  Annual license statements are mailed in early January each year.  You will need your Person ID (located near your name and address) and an active license number (located in the pet detail section of your statement). If you prefer, you may enter your pet's microchip number and your last name to access your account. Once you access your account, you may license existing pets, update pet ownership status and license new pets.

If you are new to pet licensing, have a new pet to add, or you simply don’t have your account numbers handy, you still can license online. Simply click "Start New Registration" and enter your contact and pet information to continue with the license process.

Account Numbers Not Recognized 

Occasionally, an individual account in our online files may not be synchronized with our main database. If you receive an error message indicating that your search returned either no results or too many results, re-enter your license or microchip number and your Person ID or last name and click "Search Again." If your account still is not found, click on "Start a New Registration" and enter your contact and pet information to continue with the license process.

Please note:  If you already have licensed for the current year, the Action listed after your pet will indicate "License Not Due" to prevent you from submitting a duplicate payment.

Online License Receipts

You will receive a receipt for your online payment by email at the completion of your online session. You will receive a receipt by mail only if a new tag has been issued or additional information is required to complete the license process.

Microchip Information

You will have the opportunity to provide microchip information for your pet(s).  If you have previously provided this information, or if your pet was adopted from the Nebraska Humane Society, you do not need to provide this information again.

If you don’t know your pet’s microchip number, just skip this section and continue with the license process.

Remove Pets From Your File

Report any animals that you no longer own by selecting the "Remove From Account" Action next to your pet's name. You will be given the opportunity to indicate why you no longer own a pet.

Rabies Vaccination & Spay/Neuter Documentation

If your statement and/or the online display for your pet reflects current vaccination and sterilization information, it is not necessary to submit additional documentation.  The following options are available to you if you need to provide current rabies vaccination information or proof that your pet now has been altered:

  • Upload scanned documentation during your online session following the prompts.  Note:  If the rabies vaccination certificate describes your pet as altered, separate proof of sterilization is not required
  • Submit scanned documentation before or after your license session to:
  • Fax documentation to (402) 546-1477
  • Present documentation in person or mail a copy (keep your original) to the Nebraska Humane Society

If your pet is due for his vaccination, but you can’t get him in prior to the March 15th licensing deadline, do not delay submitting your license payment.  Your payment must be received or postmarked by March 15th to avoid a late penalty.  Submit your proof of vaccination as soon as possible.  Licenses are not valid until this proof is on file.

Proof of Liability Insurance

Omaha Jurisdiction residents owning one of the following breeds must carry at least $100,000 in personal liability insurance coverage.  A copy of your declaration page must be provided to the Nebraska Humane Society.  Licenses are not valid until this proof is on file.  *Staffordshire Bull Terrier * American Staffordshire Terrier * Pit Bull * American Bulldog * Dogo Argentino * Presa Canario * Cane Corso

  • Insurance information may be submitted by email, fax, mail or in person at the Nebraska Humane Society.

Permanent Tags

On your statement, an asterisk (*) in front of your pet’s license number indicates that a permanent tag has been issued.  Your annual license payment is due, but a new tag will not be sent.  If you have lost this tag, a replacement tag may be ordered for the fee listed on your invoice.  Replacement tags may be purchased online, by mail, at participating vet clinics or in person at the Nebraska Humane Society (90th & Fort, Omaha). 

Sign Up For Automated Renewals

If you want to receive your next renewal notice only via email (and eliminate a mailed copy), just add a comment at the end of your session to request an electronic statement for next year.  If you already have requested this option, you do not need to send another request.


Information concerning Pet Licensing may be found by clicking here » 

You also may contact us by email at (include your Account Number if available) or call our automated voice attendant at (402) 444-6716.  Clearly speak your name, address and phone number along with your questions.  You will receive a response within 5 business days.

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