Behavior Help

Many behavior problems can be easily managed with a little knowledge and effort.

Behavior Help

Why has my cat suddenly stopped using the litter box? How do I keep my dog from digging? I don’t want to confine my dog all day, but when I leave him out he chews EVERYTHING ... Even the most patient pet owner can end up at wits end by a problem like marking territory, or aggression. At the Nebraska Humane Society, we want to arm you with the best information on how to keep your pets safe, content, and in the home, with you. Many behavior problems can be easily managed with a little knowledge and effort. Please refer to our Pet Resource Library for help with the most common problems. If you're still struggling with an issue, we offer a FREE Behavior Helpline. 

Pet Resource Library

Our goal is to help resolve issues that will keep your pets at home. In an effort to provide you with the best information, the Nebraska Humane Society has created quick reference handouts that address some of the most common pet questions. Click here to access the library »

Free Helpline

If you’re unable to find one that matches your concern or are still having trouble and need additional help, please call our FREE Behavior Helpline at (402) 905-3421. You can also contact us via email at »

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