Grooming Your Cat

Grooming helps your cat look and feel great

Grooming Your Cat

Monday, October 12, 2015 | Nhs Behavior Department

Grooming your cat is a great way to monitor his health and help keep him looking and feeling great. Spend time interacting with him every day to ensure that any issues are caught quickly. 


  • Ask your vet what signs to look for that might indicate a concern. When grooming your cat, take a quick look in his eyes to check for any given flags.
  • Tear-staining cats should have their eyes wiped at least three times weekly with a damp cotton ball or cloth.


  • Look in your cat’s ears regularly to look for any problems, such as ear mites or infections. Check with your veterinarian on how to clean your cat’s ears. 
  • teeth: Brushing is great way to ensure good dental health. Check your cat’s teeth once a week for tartar build-up. Specialty treats and dry cat food can help prevent tarter build up. 

Nail trimming

  • Trimmed nails feel better. Aim to clip every one to two weeks. When trimming your cats’ nails:
  • Start slow to help your cat get used to getting its foot handled.
  • Gently massage each paw and in between each toe. By gently pushing on the cat's pad with your thumb and finger, the nail will come out.
  • Clip the tip of the nail to avoid cutting the quick (vein). This is painful and will cause bleeding.
  • Use a dab of baking soda or flour to stop any bleeding.
  • Trim one nail a day and reward with a great tasting treat.
  • Once your cat is comfortable, you will be able to clip all the nails in one session. 


  • Remove your cat’s collar before you begin. 
  • Use short firm strokes with a good quality cat comb for all coat types. This will remove as much loose fur as possible. 
  • If you find any mats, gently pull them apart with your fingers, then comb. Mats are commonly found in the "armpit" area. Only clip mats out when there is no alternative. 
  • After removing the loose fur, a thorough brushing will make the coat shiny and clean. Many cats enjoy this and it can be a great way to bond with your cat. 


  • Cats are typically very efficient at cleaning themselves and do not need regular baths. However, if you need to bathe your cat:
  • Use a cat shampoo.
  • The water temperature should be about 100 degrees to match the cat’s body temperature.
  • After washing, rinse out all shampoo.
  • Hand dry with a large towel and keep out of drafts until completely dry.

For help finding the right grooming products for your cat, stop by our Animal Outfitters store or ask your vetenarian.

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