I've Lost a Pet

If your pet is missing don’t forget to file a lost report with NHS and view animals reported found.

I've Lost A Pet

The Nebraska Humane Society provides municipal pound services for Omaha, Ralston, La Vista, Papillion, Bellevue, Gretna, Springfield and Sarpy County. If you live in these areas, it’s likely your stray animal will end up with us.

Stray animals found in Omaha, Douglas County, Ralston, and outside of our animal control service areas will be held for 3 days. Strays found in Sarpy County cities will be held for 5 days.

*Stray Pet Reclaim opens every day at Noon

What to do if your animal is missing

  1. File a missing pet report online
    • Dog
    • Cat
    • Critter
    • Be as detailed as possible when filling out the report, including if your pet is microchipped and/or wearing identification tags. You will be allowed to attach a photo at the end of the report.
    • Then visit the shelter to walk through the kennels. We recommend you do this every few days, as animals are brought in at all hours. 
    • Frequently asked questions about filing a missing pet report online »
  2. File a report in person at NHS
    • Come to the Nebraska Humane Society and we’ll help you complete a lost report. Be prepared to give a detailed description of your lost pet. Bring a photo of your pet with you. Once your report is completed, we’ll have you tour every kennel in our building to look for your pet.
  3. View photos of animals at NHS or reported found
  4. File a missing pet report on Petco Love Lost
    • Nebraska Humane Society partners with Petco Love Lost to make reuniting lost pets easier using image recognition technology to search a national lost and found database. Click HERE to search and report your lost pet.

Please Note: *Submitting a lost report does not guarantee that we will call you if your pet comes in. Unless the pet is microchipped or has a valid ID tag on its collar when found, we may not know it is your pet. We recommend you physically come to the shelter daily to look for your lost pet.

Lost and Found Hours and Location

If your animal has been brought to the Nebraska Humane Society by a good samaritan or animal control, you may reclaim it at our main location at 8929 Fort Street in Omaha, NE. Our lost and found area is open weekdays from noon to 7 p.m. and weekends from noon to 5 p.m.

Contact Lost and Found

If you would prefer to submit a lost report over the phone or have questions about your lost or found pet, please call 402-905-3410.

Retrieving a Lost Animal

  • You must physically come to the shelter to claim your animal. * Plese note: the stray kennels are open Noon to 7pm on weekdays, and Noon to 5pm on weekends.
  • You must be at least 19 to walk through our stray kennels.
  • A picture ID, such as a driver's license, is required to redeem your pet.
  • Additional proof of ownership, such as the pet's picture, microchip verification, and/or vaccination records, may be required.
  • There are fees association with redeeming your pet. These fees will vary based on the city in which you reside and how often your pet has been brought to the shelter.

I've reported my animal missing, now what?

Even after filling out a lost report, please continue to visit the shelter and website daily.

Bookmark the NHS website and be on a constant lookout for your animal. Our lost and found section is updated every 30 minutes for your convenience. If you've lost an animal, check both the Animals Located at the Shelter section and the Animals Reported Found by the Public section. Your animal could potentially be in either area.

Don’t rely solely on our website for determining if your pet is at the shelter. Continue to visit the Nebraska Humane Society and do a walkthrough of our kennels. In the unfortunate circumstance that you don’t find your pet, our Lost & Found staff can assist you with a listing of animals that were brought in deceased and/or severely injured.

REMEMBER: Lost and Found Reports are retained for 30 days. If you need the report extended, please call 402-905-3410. For reports submitted online you can extend your report by clicking the link at the bottom of your expiration notice email.

More Resources to Check 

  • If you are a Facebook user, you can post a "missing" message on the page Lost Pets of Omaha Area. That page is run by a group that posts both lost pets and found pets. They advocate for folks to bring found pets to NHS.
  • Petco Love Lost website also posts lost and found pets and offers geographic filters and facial recognition for finding pets. 

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