About Rainbow Bridge

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About Rainbow Bridge

Since 2003, the Nebraska Humane Society has offered Rainbow Bridge, a private cremation service for pets. Private cremation guarantees the ashes you receive are those of your pet. Each pet is individually cremated and the ashes are hand-gathered. Our pouches, urns and mahogany boxes help you memorialize your pet in a meaningful and everlasting way.

Rainbow Bridge FAQs

What is private cremation?

Private cremation is one pet, alone, at a time, in the crematorium.

Does Rainbow Bridge provide cremation services for all pets?

We can accommodate dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, pocket pets and small livestock, such as mini horses, potbellied pigs and goats.

How can I be sure that I'm receiving my pet's remains?

We do one cremation at a time. Each pet is hand placed into the crematorium. Once cremation is complete the ash is hand collected and placed in a container of your choice. Because of this, you are assured that the ashes you receive are indeed only those of your beloved friend.

How long before I receive my pet's cremains?

We perform private cremations on a daily basis and cremate in order of arrival. Our turnaround can average seven business days.

Rainbow Bridge is a member of Pet Loss Professionals Alliance

We pledge:

  • To care for the remains of those entrusted to us with dignity, respect,  and professional skill, whether at a clinic, funeral home, crematory or cemetery.
  • To honor the wishes of the family and to serve all families with respect,  understanding and confidentiality. 
  • To protect and preserve all interment sites and relevant historical data  entrusted to us. 
  • To be guided by the spirit and letter of all applicable laws and  regulations set by governing bodies with jurisdiction over our activities in  the ownership, management and operation of a funeral home, crematory, cemetery  or related endeavor.
  • To be an educational resource and guide in standards relating to final pet  death care options for our client families as well as our process partners.

Contact Information and Hours

Call us at 402-444-7800, ext. 2231, or send an email »

Hours: Noon to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday; 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

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