Low Cost Vaccination Clinic

NHS hosts Dr Ostle's Clinic for low cost vaccinations, just in time for licensing

Low Cost Vaccination Clinic

Saturday, March 4, 2023 | 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm | NHS Auditorium/ 8929 Fort Street
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NHS is hosting a low-cost vaccination clinic by Caring for All Pets.

Saturday, March 4,  2023 from 12:00pm to 5:00pm,  CAP will offer low cost rabies vaccinations plus other services. 

  • $5.00 - 1 year Rabies (animals under 1 years of age must get 1 year rabies)
  • $10.00 - 3 year Rabies (any animal over 1 year of age can have this)
  • $15.00 - 1 year Distemper Combo Shot (Dogs)
  • $15.00 - 1 year Kennel Cough/Bordetella (required by groomers, kennels & dog parks for Dogs)
  • $15.00 - 1 year Distemper Combo Shot (Cats)
  • $15.00 - 1 year Feline Leukemia (Cats)
  • $25.00 - Micro Chipping - Includes registration 

*CAP will be licensing for the 2023 season as well -- so it's a one-stop shop. 

Cash or credit cards will be accepted for services.

Services will be offered on a first come-first served basis.  

Please park in the shelter lot and head to the auditorium (located on the west end of the main building--as you look at the building it's on the right side).
You will receive your paperwork to request services along with a number.
You can return to your car to fill out the paperwork and wait for your turn.
When your number is called/posted on a white board, please bring pets to the door of the auditorium where volunteers will collect paperwork and get you in line for shots etc.

No appointment is necessary. 
The lines are usually long, but we will work with Dr. Ostle to move you through as quickly as we can.
We are excited to help Dr. Ostle offer this service to the community.  

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