Dining With Dogs

We're so over 2020 and ready to let the dogs out in 2021! Join us with your favorite canine.

Dining With Dogs 2023

Who's ready to "let the dogs out" for a night of fun in 2023?  

Dining with Dogs is so cool, it only happens every other year! It is the ONLY party in the metro catering to humans and their dogs. Just like the name implies: We want you to bring your dog to dinner. Come, sit, stay and enjoy the evening with your pup. And as you do, you'll help thousands of animals at NHS who are looking for a home and a person just like you.

Our next DWD will be in 2023 so check back for the date. 

This event is not filled with awkward silences and stilted conversation. Nooo...there's usually someone in the crowd who whines a bit, maybe barks for a treat and then snores with satisfaction under the table.  You'll enjoy socializing and then dining with your best friend by your side. Eat, drink and be hairy, all for a great cause!

If you’re interested in 2021 sponsorship opportunities,
please contact Gordon Krentz at 402-905-3483 or send an email (Gkrentz@nehumanesociety.org)