Friends Forever

They are the first to lend a hand, but their real strength is getting others to help out, too!

Friends Forever

Friends Forever is the support guild for the Nebraska Humane Society. Members believe passionately in the mission of the Nebraska Humane Society and are truly "forever friends" of homeless animals. Friends Forever supports the Nebraska Humane Society through volunteerism, fundraising and the promotion of community awareness.

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Mission Statement

The Mission of Friends Forever is to promote the general welfare of companion animals and to enhance the bond of caring between companion animals and humans. Friends Forever supports the Nebraska Humane Society by making life better for companion animals through fundraising, public education and awareness.

Benefits of your Friends Forever membership

  • Friends Forever Membership Directory
  • Tail’s Tales Newsletter
  • Invitations to Special Events
  • Special Volunteer Opportunities
  • 100% of your membership dues are tax-deductible

Friends Forever Executive Committee

  • President – Chrissy Cacioppo 
  • President elect - Christine Olson
  • Treasurer – Elisa Blazek
  • Vice President of Arrangements – Nancy Bronner
  • Vice President of Education and Outreach – Jodi Colwell
  • Vice President of Membership – Jane Hamer
  • Vice President of Communications – Chelsey Scholz
  • Recording Secretary – Jessica Cooper
  • Corresponding Secretary – Sara Olson
  • Long-Range Planning – Mandi Chaplin and Laura Simpkins
  • Advisor – Barbara Rizvi
  • Black Tie & Tails - Nicole Moline and Tina Nelson
  • Walk for the Animals - Blair Conner

Friends Forever Board

  • Cherie Bartlett
  • Becky Beitenman
  • Elisa Blazek
  • Elizabeth Bowman
  • Leigh Brassette
  • Sara Bridges
  • Nancy Bronner
  • Julia Casson-Brehmer
  • Chrissy Cacioppo
  • Mandi Chaplin
  • Jodi Colwell
  • Blair Conner
  • Jessica Cooper
  • Jessica Douglas
  • Sarah Duey
  • Susie Dunn
  • Gail Dwyer
  • Kathy Gross
  • Jane Hamer
  • Amy Hornocker
  • Lisa Jackson
  • Lindi Janulewicz

  • Jackie Kesterson
  • Johanna Lyon
  • Rachael Menichetti
  • Nicole Moline
  • Melissa Murante
  • Michelle Nastase
  • Tina Nelson
  • Christine Olson
  • Sara Olson
  • Nancy Pflug
  • Sarah Reeve
  • Barbara Rizvi
  • Linda Saltzman
  • Kathryn Schapper
  • Chelsey Scholz
  • Laura Simpkins
  • Krystal Talha
  • Jennifer Taylor