A Different Kind of Greyhound Race

Do you know what a lurcher is?

An Introduction to Lurchers

Tuesday, February 23, 2016 | NHS Staff

A lurcher is a sighthound such as a greyhound crossed with a terrier, herding breed, or large scenthound with the idea of bringing in greater tenacity, intelligence, or scenting ability. Lurchers are primarily hunting dogs, prized for their stealth and silence. The Lurchers at NHS are from the Ohio area where they are bred for competitions that developed out of coonhound field trials. The dogs are trained to race a course that can include treeing and even swimming. These dogs are sold and traded regularly, as they are considered a commodity and not pets.

Most Lurchers live their lives chained outside when they are not competing.  Still, they are often very social with people as they meet strangers during the competitions. When they are no longer able to compete due to age, injury, or lack of “game”, they are usually destroyed unless rescued through a group called the American Lurcher Project.

Like racing greys, these dogs make great house pets and are couch potatoes when not sprinting. They haven’t lived in a home, but will adapt remarkably to a comfy couch and gentle direction. Unused to household noises, surfaces, smells and rules, they delight in calm gentle families who have the patience to help them assimilate. Because of that, small children (under 6) would likely be too much for them to live with right away.  As they have been bred and trained to run and use their senses--a fenced yard is a must!  Many have high prey drive, so small critters need to be carefully introduced. And they should ALWAYS be fenced or leashed when outside because they are not street smart, but are very fast and extremely difficult to catch.

Lurcher owners say they are very loyal, smart, and quick learners. Those we have had at NHS have been easy to work with, walk well on leash, love cushy beds and appreciate cuddling up and leaning.

These dogs are truly in need of second chances, and just need to find the right family for a great fit!

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