Surrendering a Pet

NHS offers resources to help keep animals in loving homes, and we urge pet owners to consider all options before deciding to surrender their pet.

Surrendering a Pet

Giving up a Pet 

Giving up a pet is a heart-wrenching decision, but sometimes there seems to be no other option for a pet owner. We understand that financial concerns, illness, moving to a home that won’t accept pets, and unwanted litters can put owners in a no-win situation. The Nebraska Humane Society accepts all pets surrendered by owners in our jurisdiction of Omaha and Sarpy County. We promise safe harbor and humane treatment as the pet is evaluated for entry into our adoption program. However, NHS also offers resources to help keep animals in loving homes, and we urge pet owners to consider other options before deciding to surrender their animal. You can read more about those alternative options here.

Before you surrender

The process of surrendering your pet

  • We ask that you bring the animal to the shelter during business hours: 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday/10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday
  • Bring along any medical records or paperwork.
  • Once here we will ask you to fill out an information sheet so we have a better idea of your pet’s personality and what type of family he or she would most fit. 
  • We ask for a $30 donation at the time of surrender. This helps us mitigate some of the costs of taking care of thousands of pets and getting them ready for adoption. If you are not able to afford that we will still accept your pet.
  • Once a pet owner signs the animal over we can begin medical and behavior evaluations for entry into our adoption program.
  • If you are unable to bring the pet to us during business hours you can drop the animal off in our overnight drop-off kennels located in the east entrance of the shelter lobby. These kennels are open whenever the shelter is closed, to help ensure safe haven for all animals. Once you place the animal inside a kennel, the door locks and the pet is safe until staff can begin working with it. Please take the time to fill out paperwork and sign your surrender form! This will make it possible for your pet to be immediately evaluated for the adoption program.
  • The Nebraska Humane Society makes every effort to place healthy, friendly animals in new, loving homes. However, we cannot guarantee rehoming of your pet. The placement of an individual animal for adoption is based on an evaluation of his or her health and temperament. Once an animal is placed up for adoption at the Nebraska Humane Society, there is no time limit in which he or she can remain up for adoption.

Surrendering a Pet to Animal Control

Animal control will pick up a pet for surrender in an emergency situation if the animal is sick, injured or aggressive. There is a $30 fee for this service. Contact dispatch at 402-444-7800, ext. 1.

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