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Did you know: Domesticated ducks are bred to be dependent on humans to provide them with food and shelter.

Please Stop Dumping Ducks

Tuesday, November 14, 2017 | NHS Animal Control

Every year in the fall, NHS Animal control gets calls about domesticated ducks who have been “set free” at area lakes and ponds.  The callers are concerned about the cold weather approaching and whether or not the ducks can survive.

Unfortunately, dumping a duck at a lake or pond seems to be the easy method to give up water fowl once people become tired of the birds. Equally unfortunate is the fact that domesticated ducks are not equipped to survive on their own.

Domesticated ducks are bred to be dependent on humans to provide them with food and shelter.  In most cases, unlike wild ducks, pet ducks cannot fly long distances to escape the cold weather. And in fact, dumping domesticated ducks can be seen as violation of city ordinances that deal with abandoning animals to fend for themselves.

That seems to be the case with Oscar and Emerald…who appeared at Standing Bear Lake in Omaha early in the summer. This bonded pair was fed by concerned neighbors throughout the warm weather, but once it turned colder, they were worried for duo’s survival. Ducks are tough to catch as these guys can fly to the middle of the open water, and float out of reach. Thankfully,  one good Samaritan who had routinely fed the ducks  helped animal control officers lure and catch them. 

Owners of ducks (or any unwanted pet) should contact NHS to take these unwanted houseguests. Remember, NHS will take any animal that needs temporary sanctuary, and work to get those animals into appropriate homes and environments. 402-444-7800 ext 1.

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