All 10 ASPCA dogs find homes

The start of their lives weren't easy, but these 10 dogs found forever homes.

Thursday, September 30, 2021 | NHS staff

Ten battered little dogs have gotten their second chance. These poor guys came into the Nebraska Humane Society after being rescued from a severe neglect case in Ohio.

On May 26th, the ASPCA removed more than 90 dogs from a single-wide dilapidated trailer. Many were confined to a dark room with no access to fresh air, food, or water. The dogs were exposed to dangerous levels of ammonia, and deceased dogs were also found. Some animals had severe untreated medical conditions, including puncture wounds, scarring and painful eye conditions. When the dogs were stable enough to travel and ready for adoption, NHS was one of the shelters that took dogs in to find them the loving homes they deserve.

Happily, all 10 were adopted, capped off by little Oreo.

Here is what Oreo's new owner had to say:

My son, Ben, and I adopted Oreo on Sept 13. She very quickly - in just a few days, - got over being a shy scaredy-cat. She's very protective of me (perhaps she sensed that my vision is really bad, maybe worse than her own). She's a good watchdog, has a hearty appetite (loves sharing the heart healthy and easy-to-chew meals that I eat), sleeps well unless something alerts her, and enjoys music and TV. She's as sweet as the cookie she's named for but does have a comical impish side! Despite her being four years old, she's as curious about things as a puppy and likes to get into things. Oreo is quite happy here, wags her tail almost constantly and does a funny dance that looks like she's twerking when Ben gets home! Oreo adores Ben and he's the only person Oreo allows near me. She's not so why of loud noises now and doesn't mind thunderstorms or football games. (We get kinda loud for some games). All-in-all, Oreo is a great dog and we're glad and thankful we have her.

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