Marshall's first year

It's been a wonderful year and we're excited for more!

Marshall's First Year

Thursday, December 12, 2019 | Annie Robinson

September 15, 2019 marks the one year anniversary of Marshall's adoption and we are happy to report he is doing great!

An update on Marshall on his one year adoption anniversary!

His leash walking skills aren't perfect yet, but they are MUCH improved, He gets a walk in the morning and playtime in the afternoon of which he loves every minute!  He is no longer obsessed with tennis balls, and instead prefers to use his playtime to chase bugs and flies. Marshall also loves to chase bubbles and Frisbees whenever they are an option for him. He loves the dirt and snow, but hates water in any form. Even on a hot day he refuses to play in the sprinkler or kiddie pool.  

When not outside playing he is usually napping or staring out the window, waiting for something exciting to go by! It's been a wonderful first year and we are excited to have many more with him.  We survived him as a sassy 2 year old, and are now looking to see how he does as a "grown" 3 year old!  

--Happy Adopter Annie Robinson (Marshall's mom) 

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