'So much happiness and comfort'

It's amazing what our pets can do for us.

Monday, May 17, 2021 | NHS staff

A message from Hadas Sharif on how animals can play a vital role in helping us during our most difficult times: 

We adopted our cat from you on Dec. 6, originally named spook but we changed his name to Hershey. We love him so much and just got married - he is our pride and joy!

Hershey saved my life, with his playful spirit and constant companionship. My mom, an animal lover as well, passed away from ovarian cancer when I was 11. This past year, my oldest sister who is 33, was diagnosed with the same terrible disease. She did months of chemotherapy and underwent a lengthy surgery. I was so extremely depressed and upset.

I traveled to New York to help her and also care for her cat, Ollie! It was then that I knew I needed a cat of my own. Spending hours with Ollie brightened my day during the dimmest of times. And thankfully my sister is doing much better now!

When we adopted Hershey, I had been looking at the Nebraska Humane Society page every day online, looking for the purrfect friend. My husband kept telling me to just wait to see the cats in person. When we were at the humane society, Hershey jumped out of his cage into my arms and was extremely playful. We knew he was the perfect addition to our family. Over the months we’ve had him, he has made our house into our home. He is so incredibly playful and affectionate.

He is always following us around the house and jumps super high and plays with us. He even snoozes in our laps and watches tv with us. We love him.