Horses available for adoption reside off-site at our Star Equine Rehabilitation Facility.


Horses available for adoption reside off-site at the Star Equine Rehabilitation Facility. If you have property that welcomes horses and previous experience, please call us at 402-444-7800, ext. 2286, or send an email for more information. If you're interested in fostering, donating or otherwise supporting our horse program, read more about our Star Equine Rehabilitation Program.

Horses available for adoption:

Franco and Maizy are part of a group that came into our care in February 2015 from a property in Boone County. The horses were pulled from the property due to lack of proper nutrition and veterinary care. They were underweight and in generally poor condition. They range in age from 8 months and older, but are a nice young group and are responding well in our care. They have been dewormed, vaccinated and are otherwise healthy and gaining weight. We are working with them on the basics: approaching, haltering, leading, picking up feet and learning to trust.


Maizy is a spunky little lady. She’s 10 months old. She knows groundwork skills, and does well loading into a trailer, playing in the indoor area with toys and standing on a pedestal. She is standing excellent for farrier to trim.


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