Youth Programs

We provide teacher resources and hands-on programs for the entire family.

Humane Education at NHS

At the Nebraska Humane Society, we utilize humane education to reinforce character development skills, such as kindness, compassion, empathy, and responsibility. From caring for family pets to preventing animal suffering, we want youth, their classmates and their families to take an active role in providing hope to animals in our community.

Our goal is to prepare the next generation of animal advocates through a variety of offerings for school-aged youth, including: summer and winter camps for kids ages 6 to 13, clubs for teens and pre-teens, Boy and Girl Scout programs, and birthday parties. Humane education isn’t just for kids—we also provide teacher resources and other programs for the entire family, including: shelter tours, classroom curriculum ideas, service projects, and much more! Have an idea? Pitch it to us here!

Here’s an overview of our programs:

Camp Kindness (Ages 6 to 13)

A weeklong summer camp for animal-loving kids! Campers will experience a behind-the-scenes look at shelter life through fun, hands-on activities. Registration NOW OPEN! »

Winter Camp (Ages 7 to 12)

Modeled after our summer camps, winter camp is a one-day program for kids during winter break. Learn more about Winter Camp »

Humane Hands (Ages 11 to 15)

Nurture your child’s curiosity about animals and their impact on our community. Our Humane Hands Club is open to youth ages 11 to 15 interested in the journey animals take through our shelter. Learn more about Humane Hands »

Birthday Parties (Ages 5 to 12)

Hey party animals, celebrate your birthday with us! Parties are facilitated by a humane educator and include a behind-the-scenes tour of the shelter, a scavenger hunt and a variety of animal-themed activities. Learn more and schedule your party today »

Bone Badges for Boy and Girl Scouts

During our 90-minute education workshop, Scouts will learn about responsible pet ownership, dog/cat bite safety and pet overpopulation, among other topics. Each Scout will leave with his or her Bone Badge for Pet Care and Responsible Pet Ownership. Click here to learn more »

Group Tours

Civic groups, organizations or clubs can see how we care for and house the thousands of animals that come into our shelter. We’ll take you behind the scenes and show you the process an animal goes through as it makes its way from the stray kennels to a new home. Go behind the scenes to the surgical suite, tag along as we feed animals, and learn why we work so hard to get the animals out to good homes. To schedule a group tour please call 402-444-7800, ext. 2260.

School Tours

To enhance the classroom lessons, the Nebraska Humane Society offers classes participating in our Humane Education Program behind the scenes tours of the Lied Humane Center. From the kennels to the operating room, get an up-close look at how the shelter operates and experience the compassion we offer all animals in our care! To schedule a school tour please call 402-444-7800, ext. 2214.

Resources for Teachers 

Our Humane Education program offers comprehensive curriculum to educate youngsters and the community on the joys and responsibilities that come with owning a pet. In addition to presentations and school visits by our humane educators, we offer age-specific, downloadable lesson plans, so teachers can fully explore the material in a classroom setting.

Kids Activities

Here's a list of fun activities for any animal-lover. 

Community Service Projects

Here are some ideas for your group to help animals at the Nebraska Humane Society.

  • Host a penny or coin drive. Call it Pennies for Paws, Dimes for Dogs or Cash for Cats … Whatever you call it, it’s amazing how fast pocket change can add up and provide basic necessities for animals at the shelter. 
  • Bake homemade treats and bring them to the shelter. Please use a safe and nutritional recipe. Here’s one for cats » and dogs »
  • Host a garage sale, bake sale, car wash, or other event to earn money for the shelter animals. One person’s junk might be an animal’s best hope for the future.
  • Sponsor a “special privilege day” at your school, where students or staff must pay for a privilege like chewing gum, wearing hats, wearing jeans, etc. 
  • Make the sacrifice and bypass your own birthday or holiday gifts for a donation to the animals.
  • Host a fun run or tournament to benefit the animals. It’s a win-win!
  • Feeling artsy? Design bandanas with adoptable messages for the animals in the shelter to wear.
  • Spend a morning or afternoon at the shelter reading to the animals during adoption hours. All we ask is for minors to be accompanied by an adult. 
  • Feeling crafty? Make fleece blankets and tug toys to keep the animals cozy and warm. 
  • Form an animal welfare club at your school or organization that meets regularly to discuss animal topics and complete service projects. 
  • Hold a neighborhood or community drive to collect items found on our wishlist.
  • Become an ambassador. Create an educational presentation and choose an audience. Choose from a variety of topics: responsible pet ownership; ways to support your local shelter; how to solve pet overpopulation, showing empathy, kindness, compassion and respect for animals; what to do about cruelty and neglect; the mission and purpose of an animal shelter, etc.

You Can Help Save A Life

Adopt A New Best Friend

You are the answer to providing homeless pets a second chance. Adopt, don’t shop and offer deserving pets a bright future.

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Help An Animal

Rescuing, Rehabilitating and Rehoming animals is not cheap…but it’s the right thing to do. Help us fund lifesaving treatments and programs.

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Get Involved

You can make a huge difference in the lives of shelter animals  by offering your time and TLC. 

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